Why is my Facebook videos not playing?

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Facebook is the leading social media platform that makes you stay connected with your friends and family. It does not matter how far you are from them. What makes it more interesting is that here you can share your cute memories. Those memories can be in the form of videos and images. And, your friends and family can do so as well. But, sometimes, you may have a situation where you wanna see some cute videos sent by any of your family members or friends, but you find Facebook Videos not playing.

If you find Facebook not working this way, then, you don’t need to get worried anymore, because it is very easy to troubleshoot this Facebook error.

Therefore, here, in this blog, I will tell you how to fix the error Facebook Videos not playing.

Let’s have a look,

Why This Error May Occur, and Method To Fix It.

If you are using the chrome browser for this purpose, then, some common reasons for having this glitch maybe.

  1. The most common reason may be that your Chrome may not have “Flash Content” enabled. You should know that all videos on this social media site do actually support the Flash format only. And, if your browser is not enabled to run Flash extension, you can never get your videos working on that browser. Just Enable the “Flash content” on your Chrome, and your issue will be no more.
  2. Sometimes, it may be possible that your chrome may not have the required addons. Also, it’s possible that your device may not have the video supportive video player. Download the Flash player, and enable it for your chrome.
  3. Sometimes, any third-party addons installed on your browser, or any third party software installed on your device, may also be the reason. Try to troubleshoot the glitch by disabling all third-party software, and addons.
  4. The cache issue is the most common one that may also be responsible for having this glitch. Clear cache on the cookies of your browser to troubleshoot the problem.
  5. Sometimes, some wrong configuration done in your browser setting may also take you to such a problem. Check that all settings should be correct, and if you find the error, then, correct it first.
  6. If there is an issue with loading the chrome on your device, then also, you may have this problem. Relaunch your chrome to see if the issue gets troubleshooting or not.
  7. Sometimes, there may be some glitch on this social media company side. And, that may be why you may have such an issue. In such a case, only Facebook customer support may help you with it.


If none of the above tricks could do any best for you, then, you should look for any third-party technical hands. Take their help to fix the issue. If you don’t have that much technical knowledge about the issue, then, never try to fix it by yourself, otherwise, it may take you to some new problems, and that may be impossible to fix at all. It’s better to contact the support so as to fix it in a convenient way, and without any risk.

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