How can I speed up the process to get a stimulus check on the Cash App?

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Cash app is recognized for its varied range of banking services since the beginning. Recently a cash app has started contributing to the economic relief fund. Under this scheme, the cash app is helping the government organizations to provide the stimulus check on the cash app account. In general, customers can only receive stimulus checks through a paper cheque. But if you have a cash app account then you can get it directly into it. If you are qualified to receive a stimulus check then you can enable direct deposit on a cash app to receive a stimulus check a little earlier than the promised time.

Before knowing how we can receive the stimulus check, it is important to discuss the benefits of this scheme. In a stimulus check, the government is providing funds to the economically deficient peoples of the country. A person who is earning more than $99,000 or a couple earning more than $198,000 will never qualify to receive a stimulus check. However, if you have earned less than $75000 in the last year and are a genuine taxpayer then you are qualified to receive a stimulus check. Likewise, a couple is qualified to receive a stimulus check only if they have earned less than $150000 in the past year. Moreover, the amount that you will receive as a stimulus check will clearly depend on your last year's earnings.

What is the complete process to get a stimulus check in my cash App?

Not everyone is an avid user of online applications. people can get that problem anytime while using these applications. So, it is better to know the correct procedure to deposit a stimulus check on a cash app. This will help you to process the stimulus check smoothly into your Cash App account.

Most of the users are aware of the cashless visa debit card provided by the cash app. Users have to order and activate this card on their own. You can also contact the cash app support to get guidance from the professionals.

After activating the cash app card, you have to enable the cash app direct deposit feature. Customers can easily enable their accounts from the banking tab in the mobile application. You can also follow the below steps to enable the direct deposit feature on the cash app:

  • Launch the app on your device and log in to your Cash app account.
  • Click on the “Banking tab” showing on the Cash App home screen.
  • Tap on the “Deposits & Transfers” option.
  • After that tap on the “Copy Details” option showing below your “account number” or “routing number”. This will copy the details to the clipboard.
  • As you are now ready with your routing number you have to enter the same on the IRS website. Open the IRS website and go to the stimulus check section. Paste the routing number when asked to provide and fill in other details as well.

Soon you will get a notification that your account number has been verified and your stimulus check has been processed to your cash app account.

Why is my stimulus check pending on a cash App?

Basically, a stimulus check on the cash App will take up to 2 days to settle the amount in the bank account. So, we request you to wait till the timeline. If you are seeing that your stimulus check is pending even after 2 days then you can contact the support team to know the exact reason behind it. The cash app support executives will tell you the simplest tricks to get out of this situation and receive your stimulus check with no delay

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