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Apple pay and cash app have been quite popular in the arena of digital payment for a while now. On one side, the cash app has quite a lot of features to explore. On the other hand, Apple pay has a high level of efficiency due to the prominent technology. However, people have been using both apps. There are always many occurrences when you need to transfer money from apple pay to cash app.
 Cash app has gathered so much praise in a short span of time and the user base has been seeing a significant increment in recent times. The payment platform has been garnering more than one million transactions on daily basis. It is as simple as any other application. But you have to add a bank account to it to make your objective fulfilled.
However, there might be a need to send apple pay to cash app. In such situations, users often try to find a feasible option. Using the mediation in form of a bank account can be a good option; however, it needs certain conditions to be fulfilled. A bank account has to be associated with the corresponding apps in order to receive and add money from and to. Thus, it is always worth to confirm the bank account whether it has any associated link to concerning apps or not. 
In case, it is not the case, first, add the bank account to the app which does not have the same account associated. If both apps do not have any bank account added, you have to add the same bank account to both before making further steps.

How do I transfer money from Apple pay to cash App?

As stated above, you can avail of a bank account to make these transactions completed.
ApplePay bank transfer can take up to a maximum of 3 days to reflect the amount in the bank account.  However, it is the most trusted way to withdraw money from Apple Pay and absolutely free of cost.
Apple pay works as a wallet that means to make a transaction, you have to add a source of funds. However, the sources of the fund might be a bank account, debit or credit card, etc. In case you have already an added source of funds.
 Follow these steps to transfer money to a bank account.
Open the Apple Pay on your iPhone and tap on the Apple Pay Cash
Access the Info tab and choose Transfer to Bank.
Enter the amount and tap next.
And, last confirm the transfer by providing a touch id or password.
However, it is worth considering that there are no fees to transfer your money from Apple Pay Cash to your bank account.
However, you need to load money to fulfill your objective. Here, you can easily add the credit fund to the cash app account from the linked bank account.
Once, you credit the money from Apple pay to your bank account, you have to login into your cash app for further proceedings. Here, you can load the money into your Cash App account.

You need to follow these steps to complete the process.

Once you finish login, then you can access the Cash App home screen
Select the balance tab
Next, select “Add cash”
Enter the desired amount that you want to load into your Cash app
Provide your Pin or use Touch ID to confirm the transaction
The process of making a transfer between both the apps is quite efficient yet a bit lengthy.

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