Common issues people face with a yahoo mail account:

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Everyone knows that yahoo is a profound emailing service. More than 200 million users are successfully using yahoo services to send and receive emails. Technical glitches can happen anytime with this many users. Though yahoo has the best software engineers yet sometimes the situation gets worse when they are unable to solve that glitch for long. In general, yahoo observe many types of issues, and yahoo mail down is very common among them.

Customers can detect a yahoo down issue anytime while working on yahoo mail. They can either see a yahoo mail not working error or their application get closed automatically at the time of this issue. So, it is necessary to fix this issue to use the application smoothly. But before this, we must know about the main reason behind it.

  • Yahoo users are recently observing a high rate of login issues. This issue can appear because of entering the incorrect password or email address at the time of login to the application.
  • Certain times people will face yahoo not loading issues. This basically happens because of poor internet connectivity. In this case, people see a blank page whenever they try to open an email.
  • Apart from this. If you are not able to find an email on yahoo then we suggest you check it in the spam or trash box. Many times we unknowingly block or unsubscribe an email address. This led to the filtration of emails received from that person. That is why if you are not receiving emails from any particular email address then it is recommended to check it in the spam mails. If your account is working fully functioning then you will surely get that mail-in another inbox.

What should I do if my yahoo mail is not working?

Yahoo outage issues are very common these days, especially in India. In this situation, users are unable to send email from their account. Also, they would not receive any email during the time of the outage. That is why it is needed to be fixed. If you are getting a yahoo mail down error or your yahoo mail is not working then you can fix this in the following ways.

  • A yahoo mail application generally needs active internet connectivity to receive data. So, you have to check whether your device is connected to an internet connection or not. If not then connect it immediately to send an email.
  • Clearing the cache of the device will also help you to get rid of the server down the issue. Too much cache will adversely impact the performance of the system. Many times, when users do not clear cache files, the device then faces the lag in the working of the yahoo application.
  • Moreover, if you are not receiving email on your account then you need to check the Imp settings. IMAP setting basically allows the device to collect the incoming emails from the server. If you set a wrong IMAP setting then you will not receive emails on your account. You can either reset the application or can connect the yahoo support team to know the correct IMAP setting of your device.
  • Moreover, we know that there are multiple categories in yahoo mail. In case your yahoo mail is working fine but you are still not receiving emails in your inbox that might be due to the wrong category selection. You can check other categories and folders to locate those emails.

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